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Frequently Asked Questions about U Lucky Dog and Doggie Daycares in General:

My dog doesn’t like other dogs, can they still come?
Some people think their dog wouldn’t do well with other dogs because they don’t socialize them much. Let us help you decide this. Go ahead and schedule your dog for a temperament evaluation and see how they do. You might be pleasantly surprised.

What if my dog fails the temperament evaluation? Will I get charged any fee?

What if my dog fails the temperament evaluation? Can they still come for daycare?

ULD offers Individual Play for Daycare dogs who are not able to play in the playgroup due to medical reasons, social reasons, temperament reasons, not being fixed, etc. This service is an additional $5 per dog, per day. This also includes a dog walk as well as plenty of lovin' and potty breaks during the day.

My dog is old, I am not sure that he can handle all that play time, what can he do?
All of our groups have beds throughout for lazy bones. Your dog is free to play or relax at their lucky leisure.

My dog is small, will he be mixed with large dogs?
We make every effort to make groups that consist of similar sizes and temperaments. Occasionally we do have large dogs with small dog personalities or vice versa. We work to make sure every dog is comfortable and having fun.

My dog isn’t aggressive with other dogs, he just doesn’t pay much attention to them. Would this be good for him?
Even though your dog may not interact much with the other dogs, he’ll still get to spend plenty of time with our staff and get exercise playing outside each day. 

Special Needs:
My dog needs special medications, is this a problem?
We all have special needs from time to time. We don’t view this as a hassle but a part of life, so we don’t charge extra and can accommodate most medication administration. We do need to be notified of all conditions, and expect specific instructions for such situations. 

Are proof of vaccinations required for the temperament evaluation?
Yes. Some illnesses like canine cough are airborne and highly contagious, so we want to make sure that each and every dog that comes in the door is protected.

My veterinarian wants me to get my dog’s vaccination updates more frequently. What vaccination terms do you require?
Your veterinarian knows what’s best for your dog. We defer to them for a particular vaccination expiration.

My dog is older and my veterinarian suggests that he doesn’t get certain vaccinations. What can I do?
If a Veterinarian determines a certain vaccination is unnecessary and includes the reasoning behind it for us to keep in our files, we would accept this. Also, if a veterinarian doesn’t feel comfortable giving a certain vaccination to your dog, we simply require a signed waiver from your veterinarian stating this.

What are the boarding basics?
Before my dog arrives?
Coming Home?

Holiday Deposit Policy?
During Holiday Season (over Thanksgiving and Christmas only), there will be a holiday deposit policy (50% of stay), holiday minimum stay requirement (3 nights), and deposit will be refunded only if cancelled 30 days in advance.

Temperament Evaluation:
If your dog has never come in for doggie daycare or boarding at  U Lucky Dog, we would like to meet your dog to make sure that he or she will be friendly with the other dogs.  All dogs must complete a one-time temperament evaluation prior to, or on their first visit.  After your lucky dog passes the evaluation, he can play the rest of the day. Evaluations usually take less than 15 minutes and can include a tour of our facility.

To begin the evaluation you will need to provide proof that your dog has current vaccinations against Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella. Please have vaccine records faxed to 720-292-1817. Please note that bordetella vaccinations are not automatically given by most veterinarians unless requested, so you will want to double check your paperwork prior to coming for the evaluation. Because we are introducing your dogs to our pack all vaccinations must be present and up-to-date.

All dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered.

Major holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Day, our office will be closed and there will be no pick-ups/drop-offs.

For other holidays our office will be open from 9am-1pm for boarding pick-ups/drop-offs only, no daycare.

However on Major Holidays, if you would like to schedule an after-hours pick-up, you will still be able to do that, as long as it is scheduled and paid for in advance.

Check out our client's pups after a long day of play at ULD!



Multiple UVAIRx systems have now been installed at U Lucky Dog. These machines make ULD an even cleaner and more sanitized facility. They cleanse the air of viruses, bacterium, mold spores, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other contaminants. We are so proud to be one of the only Dog Daycare/Boarding facilities in Colorado to have 
this new technology. 


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