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Overnight - Boarding Basics...Coming Home!

***To expedite your boarding drop-off experience, and to ensure your lucky dog has ample time to play on their first day, please drop off your dog for boarding before 3pm.

To ensure the safety and well-being of our lucky boarding dogs and to prevent damage to rooms, all boarding dogs dropped off after 3pm, will be charged a late fee and will need to take a mandatory walk or ball toss ($15 total) depending on the weather. Thank you for your understanding.***

  • Your dog will romp and play with their puppy pals for more than 12 hours each day. This is a lot of activity! Even with a two hour nap during the day and approximately eight hours of sleep, they will be tired. Please allow them to rest and avoid activities such as going to the dog park or for long walks and jogs for a few days.

  • Water is always available during their boarding stay, but it is likely they will be thirsty after pick-up. We recommending waiting 30 minutes before giving them water. This will allow them to calm down after the excitement of seeing you. Monitor their water intake for the next few hours, as dogs that drink too much, too quickly may bring it back up via vomiting. In very serious cases, it could lead to bloat.

  • Feedings take place each day morning and evening. We recommend waiting at least 3 hours from the time you get home to feed them. Again, they will be very excited after pick-up and eating too quickly can lead to health issues.
  • For your dogs upcoming boarding visit, we kindly request you bring their food, any medicine required, their collar and leash ONLY. We are proud to have Kuranda Orthopedic dog beds for all boarding dogs. If extra belongings are brought at check-in, we will kindly ask that you take them with you.

Overnight - Boarding Basics...Before they arrive!

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