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***To expedite your boarding drop-off experience, and to ensure your lucky dog has ample time to play on their first day, please drop off your dog for boarding before 3pm.

To ensure the safety and well-being of our lucky boarding dogs and to prevent damage to rooms, all boarding dogs dropped off after 3pm, will be charged a late fee and will need to take a mandatory walk or ball toss ($15 total) depending on the weather. Thank you for your understanding.***

  • If your dog's very first stay with us will be a boarding vacation, consider bringing them in for a day of daycare beforehand. They'll have a chance to become comfortable with our staff and the facility before their longer stay.
  • We recommend your dog join us by 3pm the first day of boarding in order for them to have plenty of time to socialize and exercise before dinner and bedtime.
  • Please bring your dog's food (see pre-bagging instructions), as a sudden change in diet could upset their stomach. You should also bring any medications that your dog is currently taking. The medication should be clearly labeled with the name of the medication, amount to be given, and the prescribing veterinarian's information. You may want to bring your dog's favorite bedding as well. It will only be given to them, but please know we cannot guarantee it will be returned in the same condition.
  • Upon check-in, we will ask for your dog's feeding instructions, label any bedding and toys you've brought with you, note an emergency contact phone number and ask if you'd like any spa services during their stay.

  • U Lucky Dog provides everything needed to care for your dog. Please do not bring any items other than food/medications. If you choose to do so, U Lucky Dog is not responsible for items left in our facility, including but not limited to: leashes, bowls, beds, food scoops and toys.

Before they arrive

Before they arrive



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Vaccine Update:
We offer the Bordetella (Intranasal)
Vaccine for only $18.